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Audio Guestbook

We are so pleased to announce we have a Audio Guestbook in stock ready to hire out


Pay in full and receive the audio guestbook, personalised sign, and telephone chair. Pay in full and receive all this for £175.00

RRP £275.00

Audio Guestbook Dry Hire

Have an idea to present the audio guestbook yourself? Dry hire from £125.00. 

Delivery & Collection charges may apply.

Pink Sugar
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How Does It Work?

We get the couple in before the event to pre-record a recorded message. If you are not local have no fear - we have a pre-recorded message we can use! 

Guests then pick up the phone hear the recorded message after the beep they leave a message.

After the event we download the messages, and send them to you on a USB stick.

Messages are then kept forever. 

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